Bold ideas, masterful execution

Be the Game

Hire a bunch of left fielders to challenge convention and break away from the antiquated. There’s a reason that’s where all the best, unusual ideas come from, and we want more of it.

Reflexive speed, spookily-good instincts, and responsive agility are what you need to up the stakes and get the people on their feet. With a united team seemingly able to read minds and perform jaw-dropping feats like it’s just another Tuesday, you know you’re partnered with the greatest.

The feeling we live for? That excitement, the electricity, that shift you feel inside and out when something big is happening, and you’re sure, you just know, “This is it.”

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We are VerifiedWorks, a dynamic, diverse, women-owned-and-led team with an insiders’ reputation for developing carefully curated marketing strategies and producing original, outstanding creative for an array of clients.









We are the connective tissue between brands and their audience.
Working with you and your goals, VerifiedWorks develops a calculated plan specifically for you and then turns it into a fully engaging creative vision, capturing the imagination and the attention of your audience while leaving your old goals in the dust.
The right connection between your brand and a Celebrity or Creator can cause sparks to fly. We focus on creating synergistic partnerships that authentically amplify your voice. Real relationships. Real results.
Excellent social strategy requires meticulous planning and responsive adaptability for an environment that changes minute to minute. Lucky for you, we’re quick-thinking social media masterminds.
From unforgettable, immersive pop-ups, to once-in-a-lifetime, “omg, look who’s in the chat” virtual events that captivate and build your audience, our team really can do it all.

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Here at VerifiedWorks, the thing that sets us apart is definitely the diversity from the top-down. Because we’re run by such a diverse leadership group, it’s seeped into our teams – the people we bring on. At our core, that’s what we are…the talent that we found looks like the audiences we talk to.

Elaine Lozano Founder
We are where you need us

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We work virtually, communicate seamlessly, and operate globally with our clients. Whether it’s from our remote offices, or HQ located in Houston, Texas. We are exactly where our clients need us to be, online or IRL, always in sync, always collaborating, always connected.

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